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Summer Internship 2016

In the summer of 2016, two young interns took our agency by storm. There was no gradual shifting from signal number 1 to signal number 100. No. Even in the very beginning, Irish Marie Ton and Chrisabe “Isah” Anne Regaton had been anything but expected.

And we mean that quite literally.

From a required two-week notice to the agency, Irish and Isa managed to cut down our prep time for their arrival to a single working day through competent reasoning, well-placed emoticons, and the perfect amount of please and thank-yous. In other words, they charmed our pants off. If that is not advertising, what is?

Of course, if we managed to create their whole internship module in a day, they, too, should be able to summarize their entire 19 years of life.

So for their first task, it was Interns VS Pecha Kucha.
Twenty slides with 20 seconds to explain each.

This was the first time they demonstrated their creative prowess for brave, indeed, are they who do not know Photoshop but are not afraid to be artistic.

They are not yet experts in the art of using the pen tool and the wisdom of smart objects but this is outweighed by their creativity, which is a far rarer gift to have.

And as weeks passed, the interns made rounds, transferring from one department to another, doing competitive analysis and participating in brainstormings, from ATL to digital, allowing us a peak into their potential. What we saw was imagination having fun.

Irish and Isa, we had a laugh with you guys. You really shook the room up with your crazy editing skills and humor.

In advertising, it always boils down to this question, “How high can your ideas fly?”

We believe you have unlimited potential, and one day, through the same diligence and passion that you worked with us, your ideas will skyrocket and be out of this world.